Boycott Big Box Business

Boycott SMALL BUSINESS – yep that’s what Big Box WANTS!

Big box stores are popping up over the country, changing the landscape as they go. Pushing out the small independent retailers with their cheap chinese imports, as Big-Box-Conglomerates flood the local markets and the consumer corporations make record profits with their super retail groups. The corner stores are disappearing, local hardware shops just aren’t seen near a Bunnings. We won’t have an economy, if we don’t have small business. Small business is the largest employer in the county.

***150% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED so you will NEVER EVER want to go back to Small Local Businesses!
***Consumer Choice Down to ZERO, DOWN DOWN, DOWN so you have no choice but to buy what is in front of you!
***Unhappy Customers is Our Guarantee so You can Buy More Crap you Do Not NEED!!

That is exactly what the Big Box conglomerates are doing, building Big Box Monster stores outside of the town centers, to draw you away from the Small Local Retailers you will find there. Once they suck you in with their LOW LOW LOW price guarantees. By then they have pushed all the smaller guys out of business. They then make the choice to then raise their prices and the customers end up paying more in the long run.

If you do not shop at the small local retailers, one day they will be gone.

The choice is YOURS!! Support Small Local Business before you lose them!!!
We won’t have an economy, if we don’t have small business. Small Business is the LARGEST EMPLOYER in the county!!!
This site is about the small guys, the largest employer in the country is Small Business. 

Australia needs to start waking up and looking after the little guys, the local corner shop, the local butcher, the local farmers markets.
If you do not use them, you will lose them.

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